BioOrg brings Nature back inside your home
You will breathe everywhere an air as pure as if you were in the forest


EVERY DAY you care about what you eat or drink to stay healthy.

Have you ever given any thought to air quality? 


We spend 90% of our time indoors (home + office + vehicles), yes ... 90%! 

So it is worth considering, is it not?

BioOrg can purify your home and your car  : we simply bring nature back inside, nothing more, nothing less.

Please note that if your company is a BioOrg@WORK customer, you as an employee get a 10% discount on the BioOrg@Home packs. 

What can BioOrg do for you?

2.5 minutes watch


Treat yourself to clean air

BioOrg digest indoor pollution which is like a highway to your lungs for allergens, dust  and  fine particles.
Without us noticing, it can aggrevate symptoms of seasonal viruses and in some cases create severe heart, pulmonary or neurological conditions.
Think about immunity

Bacteria are essential to our health.  The selection in BioOrg are also ingredient of some immune system booster probiotic pills.
Particulate matters allow viruses such as Covid19 or Flu to travel faster and longer distances : reduce them by 50% with BioOrg, reduce the traffic
(NB: reduce does not mean eliminate, it is not a cure or a total block to viruses)
Enjoy natural protection

Bacteria are the base of our habitat and at the origin of life : enjoy the protection of these millions of friends.
They have a natural virus prevention ability and are essential to our wellbeing. 
Secure your home

BioOrg is only water with bacteria, no chemicals at all, no warning or precaution of use.
It has been proven 100% safe on humans, animals and plants so even if your toddler could get his hands  on the spray : nothing  will happen.
Choose to take it easy

You will clean less often and with  just with a spray & wipe. 
With BioOrg ecosystem you will have less dust, less biofilm that makes dirst stick to surfaces and only one product to clean the entire house. 
Spray and wipe off with a clean and dry microfiber... done!
Enjoy your personal time

Focus on what is important : make the best use of your time.
We all have crazy schedules, we all could spare the chores.  BioOrg will not only do the job better, it will do it faster, and dust and clean for you  360 days a year, 24/7. 
Make a positive footprint

Stop wasting drinkable water on cleaning, you will save money and the planet.
It has never been easier to be eco-responsible : no more chemicals, no more water, no more plastic packaging ... 
Zero waste does not have to be about making everything from scratch or scrap, it can also be about not producing waste. 

BioOrg@HOME : a few numbers

We have done some comparison between the impact of typical, standard cleaning products (even Bio) and BioOrg ...

One more proof that you are in the right place... 
Water consumption     
Habit : 260 L  - BioOrg 0 L
Litres used for dilution of detergents, based on 1 bucket a week

Habit : 17 L  - BioOrg 0 L

Litres thrown in water recycling pipes

Habit : 202 €  - BioOrg 120€ 

€ spent on cleaning products for a year for a house and 2 cars

Habit : 30  - BioOrg 1

Number of detergent bottles to recycle for a year
Habit : 1 to 6  - BioOrg 0 
Number of warning or precautions to take with children or animals when using the products

Habit : Base  - BioOrg Base -15%
Time spent on cleaning

Habit : Base  - BioOrg Base -20%

Carry, empty buckets, change product, shopping for assortment, protection gloves...

Habit : 0 to -15%  - BioOrg +50% minimum
Positive action on the living environment, general health and wellbeing


BioOrg@HOME : make your choice below.


Spray&Go :
Our experts will come every quarter to  create and maintain the ecosystem. With a small machine, we will spray Aero in your home. 
Within 15 minutes, the ecosystem will be in place and will start working for you. 24 hours a day, 360 days a year. Done.
Spray&Wipe :
 Our expert will show you and/or your staff how to dry clean the entire house with one ready-to-use product.
A personalized training to finally clean better, faster without using water or chemicals anymore. You will see how much easier and more efficient it is to clean everything with one product.. You will love it.
Pack includes :
- 4 visits per year 
- Personalized training and  follow up
- 10L of surface + professional spray
- 1 can of Aero (to create the ecosystem and clean the vent in your cars)
Online training, no service.

Spray&Go :
You will receive 6 to 12 Aero spray cans depending on the size of your home. Use them as you would with an air freshener: just spray around the rooms. The first time please spray 1 whole can in the entire house, then you can either do it every month or spray a little every time you clean. Up to you.
Within 15 minutes, the ecosystem will be in place and will start working for you. 24 hours a day, 360 days a year. Done.
Spray&Wipe :
You will receive 1 Surface. (10l pack) and a spray for the daily cleaning. Instructions on  how to use it and videos will be available online for you: it will show you how much easier and more efficient it is to clean everything with one product, but without water or chemicals. You will love it.
Pack includes :
- 6 or 12 cans of Aero. for Spray&Go (respectively for home 0-100 sqm and 100-300 sqm)
- 1 10L packs of Surface. and a spray to clean your house, your cars and your plants for a year
- Remember to use Aero in your car to create the ecosystem and clean the vent
Solutions for special situations

If you have hard water and have to deal with  descaling then Deep. can help you.
It is ready to use : spray it on the surface, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub off the excess parts and rinse (this is the only product that requires rinsing).  Once it is dry, make the final shine with Surface. with a clean and dry microfiber. 
Ideal to clean carpeting : if you have a stain, spray it on, scrub the stain from the outside to the inside with a microfiber. Spray again some Dust. on top.  If the stain is old, repeat until the stain is completely gone.
If you have odour issues, Odor. will help you get rid of it.  it will not hide it, it will digest and destroy the smells. Of course for a long term efficiency, the source of smell has to be treated. 
This video will show you the products and understand the difference between the packs.

The main thing to decide is : do you want all inclusive service or would you rather do it yourself ?

Video in French with English subtitles


Gérante OLILUX - Gestion/Préparation/Expédition commandes BtoC

I am so looking forward to the home packs : we have BioOrg in our offices OLILUX and it is great! So I am eager to start using it at home as well 🤩🤩🤩 I highly recommend BioOrg, we truly see and feel the difference! 


— Really great : efficient for everything. And super simple : Spray & Wipe is no joke, just that. 


— Very weird at first. I never thought we could clean without a bucket of water. But indeed, after you give it a try, it is very efficient. It is simple, easy and smells wonderful. I love it


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Virginie Ducommun
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