New HR is coming.
You are always looking for ways to care for your team, to attract talents. How about getting innovative in showing how much you care for the people and the planet ?


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BioOrg impacts 8 of the 17 CSR actions points ...
Businesses are increasingly turning to CSR or ISO 14001 to make a difference and build a positive brand around their company.

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Optimize your cleaning budget with BioOrg
Get more out of your budget.

For just 1 to 4€ /sqm /month,  BioOrg will make you save water, cut chemicals and save on average 30% of maintenance for a better result. A smart way to commit to green business and people-centered HR.
The smart way to differentiate

Using BioOrg positions you as SUSTAINABLE, INNOVATIVE, CARING and MODERN company or employer... and all this without harming the budget. 

When you adopt BioOrg@Work, you give an extra 10% off BioOrg@Home solutions to your entire staff.  #bonus

New HR is coming

You are always looking for ways to care for your team, to attract talents. How about getting innovative in showing how much you care?
Create an indoor purifying ecosystem.

- Better than healthy snacks and fresh fruit to improve general health, strengthen immunity: the ecosystem digests indoor pollution. The natural benefits of a walk in the woods.

- Better than encouraging exercise and breaks: strengthen team confidence and well-being: 50% less particles in the air, it is also 50% less transport of Covid 19 and 50% less exposure to chronic pulmonary aggressions.

- Better than Christmas gift cards, improve your * caring employer * program. We spend 90% of our time indoors : make BioOrg available for the office and home, protect and care for them everywhere.

- Better than meal vouchers, attract talent and boost internal marketing: prove that you truly care, about people, their families, their well-being, the planet ...

- Lead the way in wellbeing at work with an eco-friendly attitude : choose a natural solution, choose to eliminate chemicals, choose to save water, choose sustainability.

There is a way to achieve your goals without weighing on the budget or compromise your CSR engagement  : BioOrg will be positive on everyone 

Our Bonus : as a BioOrg@WORK customer, your employees get a 10% discount on the BioOrg@Home packs. 

Innovate : BioOrg can help you with your HR and CSR / ISO 14001 efforts

2020 has been full of surprises. We had to change the way we work, the way we engage with our team and our customers.

One of the main lessons we had to integrate is that health and nature are essential.  The Covid situation has further raised awareness that air we breathe is as crucial as what we eat  or drink to remain healthy. 

This is why the only place we have been feeling safe was outside, in nature. 

BioOrg  does just that : we bring nature back inside.  50 sqm of BioOrg represent the same biomass as that of a tree. The ecosystem will naturally purify the air (removing more than half of particulate matters, COVs. allergens, dust, odors etc...).

You will breathe everywhere an air as pure as if you were in the forest, without chemicals : just nature at its best.

BioOrg Ecosystem will care for your team. 

Easy : we just bring Nature back inside ... nothing more (but nothing less)

Enjoy your indoor forest.

8 of the 17 CSR actions points ... in one shot

Businesses are increasingly turning to CSR or ISO 14001 to make a difference and build a positive brand around their company. BioOrg is an easy way  to give your company another dimension.  

 * Contribute to the transition towards  more sustainable operations
 *  Now more than ever we all understand and value the power of caring : by bringing the ecosystem in your offices or retail spaces, you show your team and customers that you care about their health, that you understand that air quality is crucial.  It is a strong message to send.
 * BioOrg is all about positivity : 'positive footprint' , 'natural', 'protection', 'care', 'health first', 'innovative'...

Choosing an innovative solution, which main focus is to provide a healthier environment and protection for employees or customers will boost your brand image. 

It is even more relevant now in these post-Covid 19 times, where everyone remains very concerned about staying healthy. 

For just 1 to 4€/sqm/month, BioOrg will make you save water, cut your expenses in protective equipment to chemicals and save on average 30% of maintenance time for a better result.

A smart way to commit to green business.

BioOrg is very simple and easy to set in place : we will monitor the ecosystem for you and train your cleaning team to maintain it. 
No additional process, probably even some simplification of the existing. 

Creating and indoor forest in their office is a new and clear benefit for your employees : you will take care of their health.
Combine this with a BioOrg@home package to become the *healthy guardian* for them and their families.

Considering that we spend 90% of our time indoors (home + office + car) : it is  a tangible benefit to offer and to foster motivation and loyalty to the company.

BioOrg is a circular product :  Our solution comes from nature, has limited packaging, and is a living biomass. Our carefully selected bacteria will digest COVs, fine particles, dust, allergens and biofilm retaining dirt with no residue.

No waste, no chemicals, no more water wasted on cleaning, no safety gloves of masks needed for maintenance... 

We are a sustainable partner so working with us  will weigh in the balance.
There are many ways to be socially responsible: pro-bono work, product donations, employee community service days, eco-friendly practices etc ...  BioOrg can help you on many areas.
BioOrg Works in all indoor space ... where we spend 90% of our time!
This method tackles fine dust, visible dust, dirt and unpleasant odours quickly and efficiently on all surfaces furniture, floors, toilets, bathrooms and carpets in all types of indoor environments, as well as for the smart cleaning of HVAC installations.

The BioOrg reality :

This is the beauty and the curse : impossible to see the invisible. It is there. You're taken care of.



Create your own ecosystem starting at 1€ / sqm / year ... 
Indoor pollution is more deadly than any other pollution : BioOrg can help

Think about it ...

World Health Organisation shared studies showing that INDOOR POLLUTION is responsible for MORE THAN HALF of the deaths linked to pollution.

Pollution is a known problem. Yet we all focus on outdoor pollution, limiting CO2 emissions. While it is absolutely necessary to take care of it, indoor pollution is in fact touching more people , unperceptively.

Exposure to air pollution, in particular to fine particles, contributes to the development of cardiovascular (cardiac arrest, etc.), respiratory or neurological diseases, and cancers. It also promotes reproductive and child development disorders. (Source : futura santé)

How does BioOrg work ?

After years of research in European forests, Dr Filip Willocx from BioOrg came across various useful bacteria that live on the leaves and branches of trees.

He selected a group of ten species that perform outstandingly in purifying various organic pollutants (fine dust, VOCs and allergens) and gradually eliminating the adhesive layers that trap visible contamination. Finally, the selected bacteria were tested for their safety and their ability to work together in a living ecosystem even inside buildings, and hence to metabolise visible and invisible contamination

  * The bacteria convert the pollution they consume into energy in order to reproduce, leaving no residual dirt behind in the process.
  * The population is self-maintaining, with the same bacteria being used to clean again and again. It’s a completely natural cleaning and purification process that’s in a category of its own.
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BioOrg ?
It is just like rugby ... 

Special applications

BioOrg will be of great assistant to cope with extreme situations : 

  • Damages resulting from a fire 
  • Severe and persistent odour problem 
  • Mold issues
  • Descaling
  • When moving ot remodeling : eliminate solvents from painting, glue etc... 
Compliant with mechanical  application

We do have solutions if you work with floor or carpet cleaning machines
Ask us for any special needs
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