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Businesses are increasingly turning to CSR to make a difference and build a positive brand around their company.
There are many ways to be socially responsible: pro-bono work, product donations, employee community service days, eco-friendly practices etc ...  

BioOrg will impact several areas of your CSR program 
In practical terms, if we follow the general CSR guidelines on myguichet.lu,
BioOrg helps you tick all the boxes

Choosing an innovative solution, which main focus is to provide a healthier environment and protection for employees or customers will boost your brand image. 

It is even more relevant now in these post-Covid 19 times, where everyone remains very concerned about staying healthy. 

For just 1€/sqm/month, BioOrg will make you save water, cut your expenses in protective equipment to chemicals and save on average 15% of maintenance time for a better result.

A smart way to commit to green business.

BioOrg is very simple and easy to set in place : we will monitor the ecosystem for you and train your cleaning team to maintain it. No additional process, probably even some simplification of the existing. 

Creating and indoor forest in their office is a new and clear benefit for your employees : you will take care of their health.
Combine this with a BioOrg@home package to become the *healthy guardian* for them and their families.

Considering that we spend 90% of our time indoors (home + office + car) : it is  a tangible benefit to offer and to foster motivation and loyalty to the company.

BioOrg is a circular product :  Our solution comes from nature, has limited packaging, and is a living biomass. Our carefully selected bacteria will digest COVs, fine particles, dust, allergens and biofilm retaining dirt with no residue.

No waste, no chemicals, no more water wasted on cleaning, no safety gloves of masks needed for maintenance... 

We are a sustainable partner so working with us  will weigh in the balance.
Covid-19 has shifted the priorities #newnormal : Discover the keys to NEW PREMIUM SERVICE
Positive Footprint
BioOrg is a circular product. Comes from nature, and does not reject anything after : all types of organic indoor pollution is metabolized by the ecosystem. No residues from this biodynamic process.

Why is it positive  ?
* No water needed
* No chemicals
* Eco-packaging
* No harmful waste at any stage
* A virtual contribution to the tree-count for climate change goals 
True Health Benefit
NHAPS proved that we spend 90% of our day indoor (home + office+ vehicle) . Yet many studies showed that poor air quality has a real short and long term impact on our health.  More info on our website

With BioOrg you provide better air :
*  Clear the air from the aggression of intensive disinfection that we have to carry on these days
* An appealing benefit for employees
* A unique service for customers
* Show you CARE
* Less absenteeism and more productivity (+ 6.5% according to some studies)
Minimal Investment
For an office space, implementing BioOrg costs 1€/sqm/year ... so yes the new premium is very affordable.
More... you will save on :
* cleaning time because dirt, dust or finger marks will be easier to wipe off
* one product for all surfaces is faster to implement
* your water bill:  no water wasted on cleaning
* protections : gloves or safety tools are no longer needed
The smart way to differentiate

Using BioOrg positions you as SUSTAINABLE, INNOVATIVE, CARING and MODERN company or employer... and all this without harming the budget. 


Call us if you have any questions or if you want a demo.

Virginie : +352 621 251 758 

Already 217 invisible trees in our indoor forest ... 

210 trees - 10.500 sqm 
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