Research proves :

* Virus like COVID 19 or Flu travel on fine particles to spread faster and to a longer distance
* Fine particles create direct access to lungs for diseases thus aggravating the effects and severity of the symptoms
* Bacteria provide a natural immunity boost even used in some probiotic supplements
Doctors call for reducing the use of chemical disinfectants

Many hospitals have returned to the massive use of chemical disinfectants since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. But doctors point out their health risks, and call for more regulated use.

Hygienist at Hyères hospital, Doctor Philippe Carenco warns:
"These biocides are used with frenzy within the framework of the Covid, most of the time without any justification, not even from a medical or scientific point of view", he explains for radio Europe 1.

The main risk is to make these bacteria resistant to antibiotics, and therefore to create formidable nosocomial diseases through overzealous cleaning.

But what to use instead? Microfiber cloths or steam machines can be used, methods without chemicals that are even more effective in preventing disinfection according to doctors. Cleaning products based on probiotics are also used : good bacteria to prevent harmful bacteria from developing.

These methods are not at all anecdotal. 93% of health professionals surveyed have adopted or say they are ready to adopt these practices to reduce the environmental, but also societal and social impacts of hospitals. 
Several  scientific studies have been conducted all over the world. All have been able to establish a link between air pollution and the gravity of Corona virus. 

Research from Harvard University concluded :
For only 1 microgram of fine particles (PM 2.5) per cubic meter in the air, Covid patients are 8% more likely to die of the virus.
!! BioOrg reduces PM 2.5 by 50% !! 

Air pollution creates underlying conditions for the virus to attack stronger and that patients exposed needed ventilation for a longer time
"75% of the deaths were in the most polluted regions of Northern Italy and central Spain making air pollution one of the most contributing factor of deaths"   Source : Martin Luther University in Halle / Wittenberg
Conclusion :
Those exposed to air pollution who contract COVID-19 have a poorer prognosis.  This was also observed with SARS in Asia a few years back and is also true for the common Flu.
The amount of fine particles is a very important predictor of the number of confirmed cases and of the number of hospital admissions for COVID-19.

Research from The Wolrd Bank in the Netherlands :
The estimates suggest that when air pollution increases by 20 %, the number of expected Covid cases will double. 

Professor Anna Hansell of the University of Leicester in Britain says in The Guardian : 
"It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question. But I suspect it 
will be an extension of what we already know about air pollution , and if you look at an entire population, a small increase in risk is something you should try to fix. "
In Luxembourg the ASTF recommended exit strategy is all about air quality.  What do you do about it? 

With BioOrg it is easy : We spray. You breathe. Done.
Air quality is crucial for your health

BioOrg is perfectly in line with  the instructions given by Luxembourg ASTF in their containment exit strategy

We all agree on what will create a healthier and safer environment :

Clean and renewed ambiant air, with 40 to 50% less fine particles.

INDOOR AIR RENEWAL is no longer an issue 
Setting up your BioOrg Ecosystem comes down to working inside a forest. The air renews itself as bacteria will digest all pollution, solvents, dust,  fine particles etc.. in the air. COVID-19 travels on these  fine particles so the least in the air, the better.

Of course frequent cleaning is essential yet the purifying power of BioOrg Ecosystem will  forgive you if the building is too old, if technicians are not available right now or if materials are not optimal. 

Slow down on air humidification is indeed an idea as viruses are known to thrive in humid conditions.  It is the very essence of the BioOrg system : Bacteria in the solution digest biomass and create dry conditions on surfaces which is the reason why the desks screens and everything stay cleaner longer of finger marks.  

OPEN WINDOWS regularly
You now have a living indoor ecosystem in your office. You may open the windows regularly but if you forget or if your building has fixed window panels, it will not be a problem. Your indoor forest will do the trick.


Your indoor forest will take care of you

“The role of the infinitely small in nature is infinitely large”
Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

Some food for thoughts : 

If boosting our immunity to viruses such as COVID-19 is as simple as improving the quality of the air we breathe... 

...why don't we? 
Bacillius bacteria could act against viruses

The Bacillius Bacteria constituting the BioOrg Ecosystem is in theory acting against single strings viruses such as Ebola, Corona, Zika and some source or A-Flu.

This assumption is based on two facts : Bacillius bacteria create  a dry environment on surfaces which is hostile environment to viruses.  Additionnally, their biosurfacing agents and enzymes will - in theory - damage the shell of the virus and limit its ability to infect more subjects.

Practical research is being conducted on this topic but none has yet confirmed the exact proportion of its efficiency.

Independent research :
Corona virus can latch onto fine particles

Some Italian researchers have claimed that Corona Virus can latch onto polluted air particles and lead to transmission over longer distances. 

"A positive correlation has been observed between the spread of the virus and air pollution, one of the greatest challenges of our millennium. COVID-19 could have an air transmission and atmospheric particulate matter (PM) could create a suitable environment for transporting the virus at greater distances than those considered for close contact. Moreover, PM induces inflammation in lung cells and exposure to PM could increase the susceptibility and severity of the COVID-19 patient symptoms. "   

Independent research :

Keep in mind:

Protective measures are

Wear a mask 
Keep your distances
Wash your hands

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