BioOrg will help you follow the ASTF recommendations for your upcoming decontainment

BioOrg will directly contribute and help with the instructions above all aimed at creating a healthier and safer environment : 

 * INDOOR AIR RENEWAL is no longer an issue : setting up your BioOrg Ecosystem comes down to working inside a forest. The air renews itself as bacteria will digest all pollution, solvents, dust, fine particles etc.. in the air. COVID-19 travels on these fine particles so the least in the air, the better. 
* Of course frequent cleaning is essential yet the purifying power of BioOrg Ecosystem will  forgive you if the building is too old, if technicians are not available right now or if materials are not optimal. 
* Slow down on air humidification is indeed an idea as viruses are known to thrive in humid conditions.  It is the very essence of the BioOrg system : Bacteria in the solution digest biomass and create dry conditions on surfaces which is why it is indeed efficient on surfaces against COVID-19.  (It is also the reason why the desks, screens and everything stay cleaner longer of finger marks).

* and since you have a living indoor ecosystem in your office, you can open the windows regularly but if you forget or if your building has fixed window panels, again it will not be a problem. Your indoor forest will do the trick.
Your indoor forest will take care of you


Keep in mind :
Protective measures are 



“The role of the infinitely small in nature is infinitely large”

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)


The Bacillius Bacteria constituting the BioOrg Ecosystem fight the single strings viruses such as Ebola, Corona, Zika and some source or A-Flu :

  • A dry surface and as such a hostile environment for viruses
  • Biosurfacing agents and enzymes to attack the shell of the virus itself and limit its ability to infect more subjects

We have asked the Bio Institute of Louvain to test our products. 
Nothing will kill viruses, the objective is to find tools to slow its development to a minimum

We will publish the results here as  soon as possible.

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