How can BioOrg make (invisible) indoor trees?


It is very simple :  the number of bacteria living on 50 m² of BioOrg-treated surface is the same as on the branches and leaves of a tree.

There you have it : your invisible indoor forest, providing you  with pure air, digesting all the harmful substances inside our indoor spaces. 


Having an indoor forest is an extremely simple way to visibly, tangibly and measurably improve your indoor climate.

Ready to join in and enjoy your very own indoors trees? 

We will be happy to discuss this with you of course.
IN LUXEMBOURG only ..  232 trees so far
            210 trees - 10.500 sqm 

First building to be equipped since 2015 :
CAMPUS CONTERN  is a 16.500 sqm office campus focused on tenants's well being and strongly committed to sustainability.
          7 trees - 250 sqm

OLILUX  : Micrologistics for start-ups and companies  
    3 trees - 150 sqm

HOME-IN  : Real estate Agency for residential or commercial needs
      12 trees - 600 sqm

ACCENTURE  : To deliver on the promise of technology
and human ingenuity

More than invisible trees, BioOrg  also translates into :

WATER SAVINGS  because you will stop wasting water in your cleaning process

 * CHEMICALS SAVINGS because even if you are using *green* cleaning supplies, they still contain some harmful substances for nature.


BioOrg is your invisible friend : always there to care for the quality of the air you breathe 

Indoor pollution is silent, invisible yet it can cause heart, respiratory and neurological diseases, even cancers.

Think about it, we can help.
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