Protect yourself and the planet: purify your living and working spaces, strengthen your health and immunity with a richer natural microbiome.


BioOrg has collected billions of good bacteria from the forest and brings them to your home. They form a living biofilter, just like in the forest, that purifies the air, removes  dust and indoor pollution. 

BioOrg also cleans faster, easier, without chemicals and without using water for a perfect result.

How does it work?

Two simple steps to purify your living and working spaces:
Spray & Go: our BioOrg experts spray a solution of positive bacteria into space.

BioOrg is 100% natural and safe for humans, animals and plants, there is no preparation or precautions to take.

Fast, it takes 30 minutes to make 500 m2. That's it, the ecosystem is in place and starts to purify the air, eliminate dust and fine particles.
Spray & Wipe: A simple, quick and a simple, fast and ergonomic cleaning method.

BioOrg is ready to use, simply spray the product on the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a clean and dry microfiber.

With only one product, you will not only be able to clean everything efficiently, without chemicals and without adding water, but also to eliminate unnecessary efforts and steps related to cleaning: filling and emptying buckets, wringing out, mounting and dismounting mops, changing products and cloths etc... A real time saver!

Our story:

BioOrg is a scientific and patented solution, based on biotechnology. For over 10 years in Belgium, this circular and environmentally friendly solution has been helping us to have a positive "people-planet" impact, while improving quality of life.
Having an indoor forest is an extremely simple way to visibly, tangibly and measurably improve your indoor climate.

The positive impact of Indoor Forest in Luxembourg:

Indoor Forest is a societal impact company with clear, quantified objectives verified by the Ministry of Labor. 

We are of public interest in the same way as the absl and the NGOs, we can also accept tax deductible donations.

We act at all levels of our operations to limit our impact: 

  • Our offices are in a CSR certified complex with recycling programs, green electricity etc....
  • We sponsor a rooftop beehive
  • Our business cards are, like our products, waste-free: once the information is recorded, you can plant them to get beautiful flowers of local essence

And many other things ...

The BioOrg product itself

Purifies the air naturally. Invisible, it saves the use of cumbersome appliances, additional energy and filter consumption as well as noise pollution. 

Enriching the microbiome strengthens overall health and immunity

Replaces chemical detergents and eliminates their harmful effects

Avoids the use of potable water for cleaning 

Brings more comfort and facilitates the work of the people in charge of cleaning

One product to replace fifteen means less CO2 for transportation, less packaging, less recycling and less storage space.

Ready to join in and enjoy your very own indoors trees? 

We will be happy to discuss this with you of course.
The company Indoor Forest SIS

Indoor Forest is a SIS: a Social Impact Company as there are only about thirty in Luxembourg. 

This ministerial approval obliges us to provide financial and extra-financial reports on our impact points. An official and controlled commitment.

Being a SIS also means a benevolent, social and solidarity-based governance.

In view of this strong commitment, we are declared of public interest, so we can accept tax-deductible donations, in the same way as an NGO, creating a community of Activ'Ambassadors

Member of IMS (Inspiring More Sustainability), ProRSE, FFCEL (Fédération des Femmes Chef d'Entreprise à Luxembourg), ULESS (Union Luxembourgeoise de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire)
IN LUXEMBOURG only ..  232 trees so far
            210 trees - 10.500 sqm 

First building to be equipped since 2015 :
CAMPUS CONTERN  is a 16.500 sqm office campus focused on tenants's well being and strongly committed to sustainability.
          7 trees - 250 sqm

OLILUX  : Micrologistics for start-ups and companies  
    3 trees - 150 sqm

HOME-IN  : Real estate Agency for residential or commercial needs
      12 trees - 600 sqm

ACCENTURE  : To deliver on the promise of technology
and human ingenuity
      12 trees - 600 sqm

AIO Technologies  : All in One property management & maintenance


How can BioOrg make (invisible) indoor trees?


It is very simple :  the number of bacteria living on 50 m² of BioOrg-treated surface is the same as on the branches and leaves of a tree.

There you have it : your invisible indoor forest, providing you  with pure air, digesting all the harmful substances inside our indoor spaces. 


More than invisible trees, BioOrg  also translates into :

WATER SAVINGS  because you will stop wasting water in your cleaning process

 * CHEMICALS SAVINGS because even if you are using *green* cleaning supplies, they still contain some harmful substances for nature.


BioOrg is your invisible friend : always there to care for the quality of the air you breathe 

Indoor pollution is silent, invisible yet it can cause heart, respiratory and neurological diseases, even cancers.

Think about it, we can help.
Virginie Ducommun
+352 621 251 758