Now is the time : order BioOrg now for your business or for home

We historically designed the solution for corporate buildings, no matter the size. Now, the Covid situation has further raised awareness that air we breathe is as crucial as what we eat  or drink.

Our customers have wished to use it at home, so we created special packs for home.

We spend 90% of our day indoors, it was time to make it widely available. 

Health is our most precious asset.
THE sine qua non condition to happiness, growth and fulfilment

We eat right to stay healthy, what about the air we breathe?

Our solution

Inspired form Nature, discover the purifying and self-cleaning  power of positive bacteria.

BioOrg is simply nature inside :
> It removes indoor pollution that constantly creates micro aggression on our lungs (dust, VOCs, solvants, allergens etc...)
> It boosts your immunity just like regular walk in the woods do : if you stop preserve your lungs from pollution, you will be stronger to fight diseases
> It offers 3D cleaning : nature is self-cleaning, so will be your home.  Your walls, ceilings and all invisibles surfaces will be cleaner
> You can contribute in preserving our planet : no more chemicals and drinkable water wasted on cleaning. 

@Work or @Home ... or both!
Just copying nature : we use water, bacteria and it is enough.

Spray & Go
We come 4 times a year in your office or home  to set up and maintain the ecosystem with Aero.
We spray, we leave. Nothing more.

Spray & Wipe
For the daily / weekly cleaning : one product for all surfaces.
No water, easy : you spray, you wipe and it is done. Nothing more.
Not to worry, it does work and we will train you or your staff on how to do it. 

BioOrg Works in all indoor space ... where we spend 90% of our time!
On top of general health benefits for anyone, BioOrg will help with your business image, support your CSR efforts and boost your human resources  policies : 

 * Contribute to the transition towards  more sustainable operations
 *  Now more than ever we all understand and value the power of caring : by bringing the ecosystem in your offices or retail spaces, you show your team and customers that you care about their health, that you understand that air quality is crucial.  It is a strong message to send.
 * BioOrg is all about positivity : 'positive footprint' , 'natural', 'protection', 'care', 'health first', 'innovative'... It is gold to boost your brand  and reputation, an easy way  to give your communication another dimension.  

Positive footprint. 


BioOrg@Home : For the entire family's protection & comfort: 

 * Protect your family with the natural power of Nature. Nothing more but nothing less than  forest-like air quality
 * Boost your resistance to diseases : if your body is not fighting small aggressions, it is stronger to face diseases
* Safe on babies and animals (like a walk in the forest would be) : no label restrictions, no warnings, nothing harmful for anyone
* 3D cleaning and odor control: the ecosystem is everywhere in the air : it works for you everywhere
* Faster and easier cleaning to spend more time on what counts
* Works wonders in the car as well
This method tackles fine dust, visible dust, dirt and unpleasant odours quickly and efficiently on all surfaces furniture, floors, toilets, bathrooms and carpets in all types of indoor environments, as well as for the smart cleaning of HVAC installations.

Full Product Range

AERO.clean : the beginning of your bioOrg Ecosystem
AERO.clean :

To set up and maintain the living BioOrg ecosystem
Cleaning supply for all surfaces
SURFACE.clean :

To clean everything, any surface. Safe for humans, animals, plants and equipment.
DEEP.clean :

When hard water is an issue, this is the solution to descale  problematic areas. 
ODOR.clean :  

To solve serious odor problems such as sweat, urin, drains, fumes etc...
UNI.clean :

Universal concentrated cleaner for machine use. Only product that needs dilution in water.
HVAC.clean :

Highly concentrated solution for HVAC treatment.
DUST.clean  :

Super stain remover. Works even on old stain which resisted chemical treatment.

All our products are conditioned in 10L Ecobox - SURFACE / AERO / ODOR also exist in 400ML aerosol sprays 
Spray bottles :

Simply fill them up with the Ecobox , pump pressure and spray evenly just the right quantity of products. 



Create your own ecosystem starting 1€ / sqm / year ... 
Indoor pollution is more deadly than any other pollution : BioOrg can help

Think about it ...

World Health Organisation shared studies showing that INDOOR POLLUTION is responsible for MORE THAN HALF of the deaths linked to pollution.

Pollution is a known problem. Yet we all focus on outdoor pollution, limiting CO2 emissions. While it is absolutely necessary to take care of it, indoor pollution is in fact touching more people , unperceptively.

Exposure to air pollution, in particular to fine particles, contributes to the development of cardiovascular (cardiac arrest, etc.), respiratory or neurological diseases, and cancers. It also promotes reproductive and child development disorders. (Source : futura santé)

The BioOrg reality :

This is the beauty and the curse : impossible to see the invisible. It is there. You're taken care of.

How does BioOrg work ?

After years of research in European forests, Dr Filip Willocx from BioOrg came across various useful bacteria that live on the leaves and branches of trees.

He selected a group of ten species that perform outstandingly in purifying various organic pollutants (fine dust, VOCs and allergens) and gradually eliminating the adhesive layers that trap visible contamination. Finally, the selected bacteria were tested for their safety and their ability to work together in a living ecosystem even inside buildings, and hence to metabolise visible and invisible contamination

  * The bacteria convert the pollution they consume into energy in order to reproduce, leaving no residual dirt behind in the process.
  * The population is self-maintaining, with the same bacteria being used to clean again and again. It’s a completely natural cleaning and purification process that’s in a category of its own.

Special applications

BioOrg will be of great assistant to cope with extreme situations : 

  • Damages resulting from a fire 
  • Severe and persistent odour problem 
  • Mold issues
  • Descaling
  • Eliminate solvents from painting, glue etc... 
Compliant with mechanical  application

We do have solutions if you work with floor or carpet cleaning machines
Ask us for any special needs


You have questions about BioOrg? Ask away, we have the answer.
What are the products made of ?  
Basically, to put it simply, it is water, bio elements, 1% scent and millions of dormant bacteria spores. They will *wake up* when  they find something to eat. 

What do I have to do to maintain the ecosystem ?
We will take care of most of it : we will Spray&Go 4 times a year to set up and maintain the ecosystem. We will also  show you or your cleaning staff how easy and fast it is to  clean with SURFACE.clean. That is it. 

How long will the actual Spray&Go last? 
Typically, we can spray 1.000 M2 in 1 hour.  

Once the product be sprayed in the air, how long does it take to *disappear*? 
The drops are so thin with Spray&Go that you will not notice anything. There will be a small fog for a few seconds and then it's over. 

Do I have to leave the room during Spray&Go?  
Not at all. You can even decide to stay at your desk and keep working.  We will do the job and you will not be bothered.  If you choose to leave the room,  5 minutes will be plenty of time before you can come back in.
You have questions about BioOrg? Ask away, we have the answer.
Can BioOrg be dangerous for people with respiratory issues such as asthma?  
BioOrg comes for the forest : we selected bacteria from a forest and the solution has no additive or chemicals. So if one can stroll around a wood, then there is no reason why breathing BioOrg would  be any different. Yet, the good news is: there is no pollen in BioOrg and it fights some allergen so the stroll might event be nicer than in the forest.

I have leather seats and wood floors in my office, will they get damaged ? 
Not at all,  BioOrg is safe for humans, animals, plants and any equipment. They will clean plastic, wood, metal, fabrics, glass  equally well. It is natural so it will only *eat* the pollution and negative elements.  

How can you claim better cleaning ? 
Two reasons : First, BioOrg works 24/7 at 360° : so basically it is like cleaning the walls, ceilings, floors and back of the furniture.  So you clean a lot more surfaces without doing anything. Second, you will need one single product for everything and no additional water or so. You will save time and energy and get things done faster.
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