We bring microbiodiversity back in your buildings to clean the air and everything else without using chemicals or water.  

This is the 25-50-100-400 promise we make:

Save up to 25% on your cleaning time and efforts
Save up to 25% on your cleaning time and efforts
How? The ergonomy and efficiency of the product  make cleaning faster .
The ongoing action of the ecosystem prevents dirt from sticking to the surfaces : gets easier and easier with time.
Eliminate 50% of the dust and indoor pollution
Eliminate 50% of the dust and indoor pollution
Just nature back inside your home, office, store, showroom ... any indoor space.  No need for machines, or complicated maintenance... just let it clear the air.
Avoid 100% of chemical exposure and water wasted on cleaning
Avoid 100% of chemical exposure and water wasted on cleaning
Detergents are the most important source of indoor pollution : protect yourself. 
Our product are ready to use : you will never waste water in  a bucket again. 
3D cleaning :  floor, walls, ceilings, air : everywhere air goes, BioOrg Smart Cleans!
3D cleaning :  floor, walls, ceilings, air : everywhere air goes, BioOrg Smart Cleans! 
Just like int the forest : everything gets cleaned and purified, without you even thinking about it. 

BioOrg Smart Clean enriches your microbiome and brings life back in our living spaces.

Our buildings are *dead* and the source of various indoor pollution, it is  a fact no matter how modern or well maintained they are.  Paints, carpets, floorings, cleaning supplies, perfumes, furniture, animals ... are releasing harmful particles in the air.

The same air we breathe 90% of the time if you consider the time spent at home, at work or in vehicles ... worth considering, is it not?

BioOrg improves indoor air quality naturally, like living or working in a forest !
It's science : good bacteria  clean and purify everything from the world's beginnings. 

11 good bacteria

All food safe category

All proven to be safe for people, animals and plants

All selected for their action on indoor pollution

12 years in use

BioOrg Smart Clean exists in Belgium  for over 12 years : it started as early as 2009.

Today over 2 millions square meters are Smart Cleaned 

Effective for any indoor space : offices, stores, theaters, gas stations, vet clinics, senior homes, homes, car cleaning etc... 

13 patents

BioOrg Smart Clean has 11 patents to date on air purification, natural cleaning, use of biofilm to prevent dirt from sticking etc...

One is being reviewed to validate the action on endotoxins elimination 

One more is still under study : we are measuring the impact of our rich microbiome on immunity. We know it does have an impact, we want to know how much. 
We spend 90% of our time indoors ... think about the air quality


Optimize your maintenance budget with BioOrg
BioOrg Smart Clean will save you up to 30% of your maintenance costs.
How? The ongoing action of bacteria prevent dirt from sticking to the surfaces and remove the need for heavy periodic maintenance.
Boost your marketing with BioOrg
Choosing BioOrg is a smart way to do better for people and the planet: a real positive boost for your brand
Use it to give a new dimension to your internal and general marketing.
Make your HR policy positive with BioOrg
BioOrg will remove indoor pollution meaning better health, immunity and focus.
Choosing a natural product, safe for the people and the planet, will ease up adoption from everyone.
Integrate BioOrg into your CSR policy
8 of the 17 Sustainable  Development Goals are reached via BioOrg.
Why? Because it is a natural circular solution, bringing micro-biodiversity inside buildings : the biomass of invisible trees!


Save time, save your efforts with BioOrg
BioOrg is just a light spray and a wipe to clean everything.
How? The ongoing action of bacteria prevent dirt from sticking to the surfaces and removes all kinds of visible dirt. One for all.
BioOrg is 100% safe for children
Bacteria  in BioOrg are foodsafe, tested and carefully selected for their positive impact.
Forget restrictions and embrace the scientific magic (or magical science) of BioOrg.
BioOrg helps you improve your ecological footprint
BioOrg comes directly  from nature and is ready to use.
Water is too precious to be wasted on cleaning and we all know to stay away from chemicals exposure. Avoid both with BioOrg.
Quick and easy cleaning ... that's BioOrg
Simple & fast because you will use one ready-to-use product for everything.
Stop wasting time filling buckets, fetching the right product for each type of cleaning. Make a better use of your time.
The new and improved Smart Clean packs for small offices and homes are ready! 

In May: 30€ discount 

Pre-order yours here today

Innovative.   Unique.
BioOrg is nothing less than Nature in a spay. Ground breaking research allows us to bring you the biomass of a tree inside your concrete walls. 

Natural.   Safe.
We let Nature in : if you can freely go in the forest, with no warning signs (other than maybe some critters) you can feel safe with BioOrg.  No chemicals, just a healthy living ecosystem. Our product are food safe that our labels do not even have any warning message.
Simple.  Easy. 
It is just about spraying. That is it. We "Spray & Go" the ecosystem and you *Spray and Wipe" for daily cleaning. Nothing more. 
1 to 4€/sqm/year ... for the full solution for a standard office use.  Do you really think this is too much to ensure your lungs protection?  (Pretty sure life long medical care will cost a lot more)
1 to 3€ / SQM / YEAR

and you will have your BioOrg Smart Clean Ecosystem

 Your health is priceless that is why BioOrg remains very affordable

They have been trusting BioOrg for years now ... 


More testimonies on BioOrg.eu or on our Youtube Channel

Outside studies / research on air pollution

57% of sick leaves are linked to poor air quality in the office - Harvard Business Review article

Indoor air pollution is a risk factor for several of the world’s leading causes of death, including heart disease, pneumonia, stroke, diabetes and lung cancer -
OWD article 
Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.  USA EPA article
Air pollution is a major environmental health threat. - WHO article


We can help you make your work place, your home, even your car a safer place to breathe and live

Contact us to see how we can help you .


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Virginie Ducommun
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