Bioorg will bring benefits to people, families and businesses.

We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy life and that a clean, sound and healthy living environment contributes to general well-being.

What is BioOrg? 

BioOrg is an innovative purifying and self-cleaning interior ecosystem: a natural solution made of positive bacteria from the forest, combined in a solution that recreates the biomass of an interior forest invisible in living or working spaces.

Bioorg cleans surfaces and purifies your air and cleans your living spaces without thinking about it: a 360° action, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, which also protects nature by not rejecting any chemicals and saving drinking water wasted for the classic cleaning.

Our goal is to contribute to general well-being by reducing indoor pollution and simplifying cleaning.

BioOrg means ... 

EVERY DAY you care about what you eat or drink to stay healthy.

Have you ever given any thought to air quality? 

We spend 90% of our time indoors (home + office + vehicles), yes ... 90%!  So it is worth considering, is it not?
Trees are the lungs of the planet. They play a crucial role in our survival.
Same for our own lungs : they are essential for our health.
Businesses have many option to make a difference. BioOrg is the innovative caring way to boost customer and employee satisfaction.
Ensuring proper air quality is essential to protect your family from invisible yet harmful indoor pollution.
You feel safe breathing large in the forest ? We bring it inside for you. Just spray and you are done and safe in all your living spaces. 
When is the right time to start protecting yourself, your family or your team?
NOW is the right time.   BioOrg can help you manage our *new-normal*
Nature and health are the new gold : our new normal priorities
Innovative.   Unique.
BioOrg is nothing less than Nature in a spay. Ground breaking research allows us to bring you the biomass of a tree inside your concrete walls. 

Natural.   Safe.
We let Nature in : if you can freely go in the forest, with no warning signs (other than maybe some critters) you can feel safe with BioOrg.  No chemicals, just a healthy living ecosystem. Our product are so safe that our labels do not even have any warning message.

Simple.  Easy. 
It is just about spraying. That is it. We "Spray & Go" the ecosystem and you *Spray and Wipe" for daily cleaning. Nothing more. 

1€/sqm/year ... for the full solution for a standard office use.  Do you really think this is too much to ensure your lungs protection?  (Pretty sure life long medical care will cost a lot more)
Post Covis-19 new normal : Nature firendly is premium service
Post Covis-19 new normal : health is premium service
Post Covis-19 new normal : health is Luxury
Post Covis-19 new normal : health is Paradise

 1 minute to understand BioOrg & its implementation


Very simple process :

 - Spray & Go : we spray AERO.clean in the entire surface to create and maintain the BioOrg Ecosystem.

 - Spray & Wipe : Use SURFACE.clean on a  daily basis, to further boost the ecosystem and make the most of its cleaning power.  It is naturally safe for humans, plants, animals, and equipment.

Works wonders on all surfaces (plastic, wood, leather, metal, screens, fabrics ...) Fast & Easy.

BioOrg Ecosystem will do the work for you and is easy to set up :

Discover Spray & Go

1€ /SQM / YEAR

and you will have your BioOrg Ecosystem

 Your health is priceless that is why BioOrg remains very affordable
Cost savings

The BioOrg cleaning method involves simply spraying the bacteria and, where necessary, wiping the surfaces with a microfibre cloth or mop.

More details : 


Cleaning process

This new way to clean is even more effective at removing dirt than the traditional bucket and mop method. It is easier and spraying ensures that the air is cleaned.
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The BioOrg cleaning system is completely circular: all types of organic contamination in an indoor environment are metabolised by an ecosystem of ten different bacteria, leaving no residual dirt.
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They have been trusting BioOrg for years now ... 


Outside studies / research on air pollution

57% of sick leaves are linked to poor air quality in the office - Harvard Business Review article

Indoor air pollution is a risk factor for several of the world’s leading causes of death, including heart disease, pneumonia, stroke, diabetes and lung cancer -
OWD article 
Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.  USA EPA article
Air pollution is a major environmental health threat. - WHO article


We can help you make your work place, your home, even your car a safer place to breathe and live

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All Spray&Go will be performed by a certified team member of ATALIAN Luxembourg, specialized in professional cleaning.
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